15 June

• Feast of the " Knights of the Dragon "

16 June

Day schedule

• arrival of the procession from via Filzi at 16:00

• Presentation of the Palio of Castel d'Amore 2019

• Presentation of the Palio of Feltre 2019

• Challenge between historical archers for the choice of consuls

• Procession for the solemn proclamation of the consuls in Borgo Pieve

• Historical groups party in Borgo Pieve

..with performances of soldiers, flag bearers and drummers of:

...with Cavalieri del Drago on their XX° year from foundation

Shows by:
•Armigeri di Castelfranco
•Gruppo sbandieratori città di Feltre

Sunday, September 1

• Opening of the ball game tournament and of the participating teams

• Presentation of the castel d'Amore teams

• Presentation of the bridesmaids

• Gran Caneva with banquet in the Spada tavern

• Ball game " el Baeon dei Cei " with assignment of the Palio

• Demonstration with quadrangular of the ancient balloon game

Friday 6th September

• Nomination of the "ladyship"

• Bridesmaids' game for assigning castel d'amore

• Oath of the jumpers

• Presentation of the prize and banners

Saturday 7 September

• Medieval markets with jesters and traveling shows in the castle

• Raptors in the historic center

• Camp under the walls

• A great night parade departing from three points in the city and arriving in the center for the blessing of the Castellane troops to defend the city

• Great evening show: " year Domains 2020 siege to the fortress "

• Fire show for siege winners

Sunday 8 September

• Medieval markets with jesters and fire eaters and touring shows in the castle

• Raptors with the " castra venatorum " in the historic center

• Military camp under the walls

• Great procession of the consuls

Palio del castel d'amore